Don't Let Harmful Mold Spread Through Your Home

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Mold thrives in damp, dark environments. If you see water damage in your home and smell a foul odor coming from your attic or drywall, turn to Above Board Indoor Environmental, Inc. We offer mold remediation services in Oswego, IL and the surrounding area. Our certified mold inspectors can check your house for mold, then devise a plan to get rid of it.

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Which remediation technique is right for your home?

Depending on your situation, Above Board Indoor Environmental will choose one of two mold remediation techniques to remove the mold from your home. If your framing or drywall is damaged, we'll do a gross remediation to remove and replace the damaged areas. If the mold has not damaged your interior, we'll do a chemical remediation to eliminate the mold and keep it from growing back.

Both techniques feature:

  • Environmentally friendly chemical cleanings
  • Header joist and band installations
  • Our 10-year transferrable warranty

To get started on your full mold removal in the Oswego, IL area, call 630-973-6099 today. Schedule an appointment with our certified specialists at your convenience.