Can't say enough positive things about Above Board. They were very responsive, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. The work performed was outstanding plus they didn't try to sell services that weren't needed. I highly recommend them!

Steve W.

Barton and I first met while I was monitoring a "Mold Survey & Sampling" course in Tampa, FL for Kaplan Professional Schools. As a fellow Instructor, Barton creates a casual atmosphere for his students & has a way of making an educational experience FUN! Barton and I have collaborated on several projects regarding Indoor Air Quality issues. He has a solid understanding of Building Science, Environmental hazards, as well as various types of inspection techniques and procedures.

Whether you have questions or actual needs Barton is there with a smile, and ALWAYS willing to offer assistance. He is a genuine caring individual with strong family values. Hiring or calling anyone else would be a mistake.

James Jackson

Managing and Lead Instructor, Kaplan / ITA, Kaplan Professional

Barton was very helpful and personable. He has great knowledge and is willing to share. I highly recommend Barton and the companies he works with.

Scott R. Murdoc

I credit Barton with literally saving my life. When I discovered I had toxic mold in my house, and that it had been causing me significant health problems for over 2 years, Barton and Above Board were there to help me. Barton ensures that all of his staff is highly trained, personable, and knowledgeable. It was a very stressful time, and Barton was always patient with his explanations. I was always kept in the loop, and Above Board was great about responding quickly and professionally to ensure that the mold was all gone. My health improved almost immediately! Above Board has also worked with many of my real estate clients, and they have all been thrilled with their expertise, professionalism and results. I recommend Above Board as often as I can.

Laura LaDoux

I first met Barton when he owned Above Board. I have since had the opportunity to work with Barton on a number of occasions. Barton is not only extremely knowledgeable and talented in the work he does, he is also extremely professional. Perhaps what strikes me most about working with Barton is the genuine concern and care he has for his customers. Barton takes customer service to a higher level. I cannot speak highly enough about Barton Robertson and highly recommend him.

Donna Richards Muriel

Barton takes everything he does to heart. He takes pride in a job well done and has always strived for 100% accuracy and reliability. He is​ the Best in his field and is committed to a very high level of reliability and excellence. I would not hesitate to endorse Barton for any position.

Carol Robertson

Barton runs his business with the highest degree of expertise and integrity. His company is the only remediation company I have ever recommended.

Gary Monfeli

Very impressed and would definitely recommend him
Above Board was highly recommended to us, and we couldn't have been more pleased. Barton was able to complete our work within a few days of making an estimate. His work was done professionally, completely, and neatly. We would highly recommend him to anyone who needs mold remediation.

Lori M.

Very responsive, professional.

Pam D.

Excellent Service
Great company to work with! All our concerns and questions were promptly answered by Barton and the remediation was completed very quickly. He took the time to explain about the product he uses and addressed all my questions with lots of patience!! Would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs help with any mold issues. We noticed a big difference in our home after his work!

Lorie A.

This was the first time I used Barton and his company. He came highly recommended by a heating and air conditioning contractor. I was not disappointed. He and his crew were professional, knowledgeable and performed the scope of work as stated in the quote. They removed old insulation and replaced it with the correct rating. I would definitely recommend him and use him again.

Amy B.

When I first met Barton, he was the mold inspector for the property I was purchasing. He was very professional, efficient, and very polite. Then, he started teaching the Home Inspection mold class with the Home Inspection Man, Gary, and I went to a class to assist him with it, and I learn more about mold. It was extremely beneficial for me, because recently I was assigned Adminstratrix of my brother's estate when he passed away. He owned an apartment complex and when I sold it the inspector came back with a Mold Issue in the attic. The buyer wanted a credit of $23,000. Then, I remembered the Mold class and asked the realtor if it was "Structural Mold" or "Bacterial Mold" , and no one knew. SO, I can't the contract with the buyer, took the property off the market, and hired an Inspector to complete another inspect of the apartments. He found the problem and then gave me referrals for a Mold Specialist to fix the problem which was Structural and only cost me $1800.00 to fix it with a 10 year transferrable warranty for the new buyers. So, thank you Barton for being such a wonderful man who is there to not only inspect homes, but to teach others about Mold. You saved the estate over $21,000 because of what you taught me. Warmest regards, Marlene Behnke

Marlene B.

Barton immediately responded to my request and had the work completed within a week to keep the sale of our house on schedule. He was very patient, answered all of my questions and captured everything in writing. Highly recommended!

Matt B.

Above Board remediated my Lisle home and did an excellent job!

Liza C.

Above Board mitigated mold in our basement very quickly in order for our house to sell. Barton explained everything that needed to be done, came in when he said he would, did the job without leaving a mess, and got us the results well before the closing date. I especially like that Barton answered our emails the same day even though they were swamped with jobs. Best of all, our house closed and we moved to a desert state. . . no mold here!

Rhonda B.

Every client that I have referred to Above Board Environmental has been very happy with the service they received from Barton and his crew !!!

Gary M.